Frankenmuth List Elementary temporarily shut down due to concerns over COVID-19

It comes after multiple staff members were possibly exposed to the virus.
Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 5:58 PM EDT
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FRANKENMUTH, Mich. (WJRT) -Concerns about possible COVID-19 exposure -- has another mid-Michigan school shutting its doors.

Parents were notified that part of the school week at Frankenmuth List Elementary would be held remotely.

It comes after multiple staff members were possibly exposed to the virus.

“This was one of my concerns with going face to face, was I knew it could be where we went and then we didn’t that it wasn’t maybe going to be consistent,” said parent, Heather Anne.

And a just week after her two girls began in person learning five days a week at Frankenmuth List Elementary, Heather Anne’s concerns were validated, when she received a robocall from the school notifying them that it would be closed for 3 days this week.

Leaving her scrambling to adjust.

“I started out this morning with them at my office. So they were there for a little while and then my normal sitter schedule kind of took a turn and she was able to be with them. But it is her watching them part of the time, me popping in. So childcare wise, this is extremely difficult,” she said.

Despite the childcare challenges this week-- Heather said she fully supports the district’s decision.

“There is no path of what is best practice. They are really just trying to figure it out as they go and I think they need our support in doing so,” she said.

She says it’s also an important lesson for her girls to learn.

“I think last year laid some of the ground work of we need to be flexible. What a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids that they world is never going to perfect everything doesn’t fall in line the way we want it to, but here we have an opportunity to learn when things aren’t perfect how do we roll,” Heather Anne said.

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