Glendale Hills scarecrow convention promotes COVID-19 safety and fall fun

Published: Sep. 29, 2020 at 6:00 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Good news for all those ghouls and goblins out there: Halloween is right around the corner.

A Flint neighborhood is celebrating the occasion with some family fun that the public can enjoy from a distance. Drive slow through Glendale Hills Neighborhood in Flint to see the project that took six weeks to complete.

“There was a grant available for doing COVID friendly projects, both in how you put them together, and how you help people in the neighborhood, could view or participate. So, the idea of the project was people can walk and view the project or drive all socially distanced,” said Steve Lowry, a resident in Glendale Hills that spearheaded the project.

Typically, scarecrows are meant for scaring birds and in this neighborhood people are flocking to see their first Scarecrow Convention.

Sixty-five scarecrows are all socially distanced and wearing masks. They were put together by six community members after receiving a $500 Socially Distant Neighborhood Grant from Keep Genesee County Beautiful.

“The project was never about Halloween in the first place. It just was to send a message about masking up,” said Lowry.

He said the project goes beyond dressing the neighborhood into the holiday spirit.

“The idea started after my dad passed from COVID on Aug. 2. There’s a lot of controversy about masks that I don’t understand. Why do people have to die because somebody doesn’t want to wear a mask and that’s literally all it’s about,” said Lowry.

Each scarecrow was made to be diverse and unique with their own background story. Lowry is happy to see that people in the neighborhood enjoy the scarecrows despite a few scarecrows being destroyed from people living outside Glendale Hills says Lowry.

People can walk or drive through the neighborhood to see them until November.

“I enjoy walking our neighborhood even without the scarecrows but it’s a lot of fun to see what a group of people just trying to create a little levity for people, can do,” said Lowry.

For more pictures of the scarecrows, visit the Glendale Hills Neighborhood Facebook page.

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