Flint’s 98.6 US census completion rate highest in history

2020 Flint US census completion rate is 20 percentage points higher than 2010
Published: Oct. 5, 2020 at 7:54 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - The date to complete your US Census is slowly creeping up, at the end of the month communities around the mitten will be seeing their populations

For Flint, the Census is the highest completion rate for the US census that the city has experienced; 98.6% of households in the city have completed the 10-year population count

But, the battle isn’t over until 98 becomes 100.

Anthony Turner, City of Flint Census Director says “What we want people to understand is that it’s only 9 questions, 10 minutes, not asking you any personal information like credit card or banking account numbers of social security. All we need to know is how many people are living in your home; whether they’re related to you or not.”

As of right now, Flint residents have until October 31st to turn in their census applications.

Every person in the city is worth about $3,000 in federal money.

If about 1.4% of people who haven’t completed the census choose not to fill the application, that’s about $4 million a year that Flint will be losing and on average over $40 million over 10 years that will be taken away from the community.

“These are for things like road repair road construction, headstart, WIC, home eating credits, housing assistance, section 8," Turner explains. "You name it these dollars touch it.”

Since the last census, the city population went down about 7 percent which is about $20 million already lost per year.

So, in order to help the community, the Flint census bureau is asking for more applications submitted and making sure everyone in your household is counted.

“People have been reluctant to count their children. What we must understand that counting these 5-year-olds that brings in more money for our schools. Right now, a lot of people are concerned about the state of our schools," says Turner. "So, that means there is less more coming from the feds to the schools.”

To complete your census make sure to click the link.

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