Two Mid-Michigan groups conducts 5th Zoom conference to help residents rebuild after flood damage

Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 8:02 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (10/15/2020) - Mid-Michigan residents are still recovering from this past spring’s flooding.

Part of the recovery process involves rebuilding homes and businesses.

Devastating flood waters from both heavy rain events and two dam failures still plague many mid-state residents.

Progress is slow but ongoing to replace and rebuild what was lost.

The Long-Term Flood Recovery Group and the Midland Area Community Foundation hosted their 5th Flood Updates and Connections conference Thursday morning to talk about the proper ways to go about rebuilding homes and businesses.

“So, if your home is in the hundred year flood plain, there are special flood plain management rules that apply, when you apply for building permits to do repair work after a flood. These rules actually apply anytime work is being done,” said Midland Director of Planning Grant Murschel.

There are many local policies and building codes that must be followed, and this meeting is a way to get answers.

“Another key part of this evaluation is whether the homeowner is demolishing their and building a brand new structure, as a result of the flood, or if they are maintaining the same foundation and just remodeling,” added Edenville Township Supervisor Craig Gosen.

Previous sessions have included content about disaster case management, FEMA, mental wellbeing, and the affect on businesses.

Each session helps local residents understand and navigate a challenging and complex process, as well as let them know the type of resources available as the recovery process continues.

“We have different zones that apply, residential, commercial, agricultural. All of those fall under different building rules,” commented Jerome Township Supervisor Mike Wood.

For more information on your specific circumstances, you can call the Midland Area Community Foundation at 989-839-9661 or visit

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