Nurse is working to improve patient care

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Healthsource WJRT(WJRT)
Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 8:08 AM EDT
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When a nurse saw she was spending hours away from patients looking for the right tools, she decided to take matters into her own hands. See the invention she created that could improve patient care around the country.

Dawn Nix, RN, the inventor of MultiNix, has been a nurse for over 19 years.

“So, I went into nursing, honestly, to help people. My mom’s a nurse. My grandma’s a nurse,” shared Dawn.

But after treating patient after patient she started wondering if there may be a better way. She often found herself searching the hallways for equipment. That was wasted time that she could be spending with patients.

“Having to go out of a room to look for something because I can’t untwist an IV, these things cause ripple effects in our delivery of care,” explained Wayne Nix, RN, Dawn’s husband.

Wayne is also a nurse. So, they decided to team up to find a solution. They invented the MultiNix tool, it’s like a swiss-army knife for nurses that contains 15 different tools in one.

“Plyers, scissors, rulers, pupil measuring, jar opening, hex wrench, an oxygen wrench, a vial opener,” said Wayne.

For Dawn, the switch from nurse to entrepreneur was an easy one. It all tied back to the same goal helping patients get better care.

“So, this could save hours, ideally, in the hospital every day,” Dawn stated.

Dawn Nix’s MultiNix tool was recently bought by Medline, a medical distributor. They hope to see nurses across the country using it soon.

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