Kevin Bacon’s parents dispute defense’s claim their son asked for death

The defense is claiming Kevin Bacon wanted to die and Latunski was helping him commit suicide.
Published: Oct. 23, 2020 at 5:15 PM EDT
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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) - The lead investigator in Kevin Bacon’s death testified Friday that the suspect claimed Bacon wanted to die, but Bacon’s parents reject that argument.

Michigan State Police Det. Sgt. James Moore testified in a preliminary hearing Friday for 51-year-old Mark David Latunski, who is charged with open murder and mutilating a body after police found Bacon’s body in Latunski’s basement just after Christmas last year.

“Latunski stated that Kevin Bacon had explained to him that he had been suicidal in the past. The discussion began about how Latunski could make Mr. Bacon’s body disappear,” Moore told a judge Friday.

Bacon is believed to have died at Latunski’s home on Dec. 24, 2019.

Five witnesses took the witness stand in a Shiawassee County courtroom during Latunski’s preliminary hearing Friday before a judge sent the case to trial. The defense is claiming Bacon wanted to die and Latunski was just helping him commit suicide.

Bacon’s parents, Karl and Pamela Bacon, said that’s simply not true. The two sat through 2.5 hours of witness testimony.

“My anxiety level’s through the roof. I heard things before I haven’t heard them yet. So I’m just trying to process it all and take it all in,” Karl Bacon said.

The five witnesses who testified Friday detailed how Latunski allegedly killed their son on Christmas Eve, from the initial meet-up when the 25-year-old was blindfolded and bound to the sexual encounter and his gruesome death, which police say included cannibalism.

“We’re struggling with it. Anybody who loses a child, it’s a struggle and to lose it this way it’s even worse. And then, the events of this past year. It’s been mind numbing,” Karl Bacon said.

Shiawassee County’s assistant medical examiner, a forensic scientist and three police officers took the stand Friday. During questioning of the lead investigator, Latunski’s defense attorney put forth the suicide claim. He said Kevin Bacon asked for death.

“Kevin didn’t deserve this no matter what. And I don’t believe what he -- Latunski -- said because our son would never do something like that,” Pamela Bacon said.

“I think the suicide pact thing is another load of another story that seems to get built up to get him off,” Karl Bacon added.

The Bacons said their son has a history of mental illness, explaining he did try to commit suicide a few times. But they said, the last attempt was more than a year prior to his death.

“Once he did, he regretted it. So then he sought help and he’s been receiving help ever since,” Karl Bacon said.

Bacon’s parents added they’re grateful for the community support and happy to see Latunski will stand trial. But, they said they won’t get justice for their son until Latunski is convicted.

“The death penalty doesn’t exist in the state so the maximum -- life without the possibility of parole is what I want,” Karl Bacon said.

“Me too,” Pamela Bacon added.

Kevin Bacon was reported missing on Christmas Day and was found in Latunski’s home three days later. Latunski has been in custody since his arrest on Dec. 28.

His attorney entered an insanity plea back in February, but state psychiatrists ruled Latunski is competent to stand trial.

Latunski’s attorney, Shiawassee County Public Defender Doug Corwin, tried to argue his client didn’t commit murder, but instead helped Bacon to commit suicide. He even tried to add an assisted suicide charge to the list of crimes Latunski is accused of.

The Prosecutor cited People v. Kevorkian, arguing consent isn’t a defense.

Regardless, a defendant can’t add a charge. So, the judge denied the request, instead binding Latunski over to trial on the open murder and mutilation charges. No date has been set for trial.

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