Bay City Public schools takes proactive steps to prevent spread of COVID-19

Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 6:48 PM EDT
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BAY COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) -(10/28/20)-“The hard part is when people hear about this they think it because we have this massive outbreak in the school,” said Superintendent, Dr. Steven Bigleow.

Bay City Public Schools superintendent Dr. Steven Bigelow is hoping to reassure parents that the recent switch to virtual learning at two of the districts schools is not due to rise in positive cases of COVID-19.

But rather a sign that school officials are trying to make sure it stays that way.

“Anytime they get notice that one of our students was around a family member, a family friend and that person ends up being positive and our student was near them, our student ends up being quarantined,” Bigelow said.

But Bigelow also says some of those being quarantined-- are directly related to contact at school.

“For example, with the 3 students at Bay City Western, that resulted in a large number of other students being quarantined,” he said.

63 students and staff at Bay City Western Middle School and 20 students and staff member at Auburn Elementary are currently under quarantine.

The large number led Bigelow to switch to remote learning at both schools for the time being.

“We know that the best spot for kids learn is in school. We also look out for their physical health and we are trying to balance those two,” He said.

The district works with the Bay County Health Department when it comes to contact tracing.

And Bigelow says understands the challenges parents, students and staff face with the back and forth between in-person learning and remote.

“And in doing so, many students rely on schools for so many different things during the day and by moving somebody into remote, I’m denying them of that as well. So it’s not a decision that’s made lightly,” Bigelow said.

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