Mozart 3D imaging helping with breast cancer treatment

Published: Oct. 28, 2020 at 10:38 AM EDT
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One-hundred seventy-thousand women will undergo lumpectomy this year to remove a cancerous breast tumor, but about one in five will need a second surgery to remove lingering cancer cells. Now, new research shows 3D technology is helping doctors find cells that might otherwise be missed.

Three-dimensional imaging has become standard for women undergoing mammography. Now, 3D tomosynthesis technology is helping surgeons identify cancerous and pre-cancerous cells that might otherwise be left behind after a tumor is removed. It’s called the Kubtec Mozart Imaging System. Doctors use the equipment in the OR to create images in real-time.

“It gives us slices through the specimen so we can see and assess how far the tumor is from the edge,” explained Michele Blackwood, MD, FACS, Director of Breast Surgery at Robert Woods Johnson Barnabas Health.

New research shows that using this 3D system during lumpectomy reduces the need for a second surgery by more than 50 percent compared with traditional 2D imaging. For breast surgeon Michele Blackwood, the technology also means less time waiting for radiologists to confirm that she has removed all the cancerous cells.

“Because the shorter you’re on the operating room table, the better it is from a bleeding risk, an anesthetic risk, an infection risk, and quite frankly, a blood clot risk,” shared Dr. Blackwood.

Technology that improves the precision of cancer surgery.

Doctors say the technology also helps them preserve as much healthy breast tissue as possible.

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