Berston Field House helping Flint-area students stay on track with classes

Published: Nov. 4, 2020 at 2:25 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, people and businesses have stepped up in extraordinary ways.

One of the biggest struggles facing parents in Mid-Michigan is making sure kids aren’t falling behind while learning remotely. Flint’s Berston Field House is helping make sure that doesn’t happen.

“It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of work,” said Valorie Horton of the Chosen Few Arts Council.

The arts council created a remote learning space inside Berston Field House with two classrooms with the help from the Berston team.

“They come in and they sign into their classrooms and they go through their school day,” Horton said. “We have a staff here that helps each child, as they need it some kids don’t need a lot of help some need a lot of help.”

She said about 14 kids are signed up from five area school districts. They’re in constant communication with the teachers and parents of these kids to make sure they stay on track. That’s a welcome resource for parents who work during the day.

“We have one child here that sister is doing work at home, but he needs so much help that the sister can’t do school because she’s helping him, so the son is here but the daughters at home,” Horton said.

The program runs on a grant, which allows staff to provide breakfast and lunch too. During breaks, Horton’s staff offers art classes and mindfulness activities, such as yoga and karate. She said this is also an opportunity for the kids to still have some social interaction.

“The kids get to intermingle with other kids,” Horton said. “They have their mask on. We do the social distancing and the cleaning is cleaning cleaning cleaning, but the kids are safe.”

Twice a week, a social worker is also on hand for the students. Horton said this new reality has been daunting for some of them.

“Some of the kids have some learning issues and one of the sites we were just working on is a site for mathematics, and she came up with a system for this child to use so that he could get through that site,” she said. “So, the social worker really helps.”

Horton said they still have a few spots open. Anyone with a second through eighth grader can call the Berston Field House to sign up.

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