Bay City Fireworks Festival president remembered following COVID-19 death

Published: Nov. 9, 2020 at 5:29 PM EST
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BAY CITY, Mich. (WJRT) -Terry Watson’s impact on the Bay City community is as long and bright as the fireworks show he helped launch decades ago.

The former Bay City police officer died on Friday after contracting COVID-19.

“The festival what it is today, what you see today is a direct relation to what Terry Watson did to make it that way,” said Bay City Fireworks Festival President Doug Clark.

But Watson’s ties to the community went beyond what he is best known for.

“He was the president of River Roar for several years. Obviously president of the fireworks festival was his biggest achievement and accomplishment. But he was one of the founding members of the 100 club. Which recognizes and supports fallen officers and their families,” Clark said.

He said Watson tried hard to stay as safe and healthy as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

“He had been extremely, extremely careful over the last several months, even to the point of moving out of his family home with his wife because she works at a day care and was taking care of a lot of essential workers children," Clark said. "So he moved out of there and was living with his sister for the last several months. He was just super super cautious and unfortunately this damn virus just caught up to him.”

Clark hopes Watson’s death serves as a reminder to people just how serious this pandemic is with that message being one final way Watson is helping the community he loved so dearly.

“It’s a huge loss for Bay County, a huge loss for Bay City. He was a champion of a lot of causes and champion of this community for sure,” Clark said.

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