Back and forth school settings due to COVID-19 a challenge for parents and students

Published: Nov. 10, 2020 at 5:27 PM EST
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MID-Mich. (WJRT) -(11/10/20)-"It was already one adjustment. And I think a lot of our students are resilient enough to adjust to it. But now you are really going to start testing the resiliency when you start bouncing people around," said parent, Royce Stephens.

Royce Stephens' 9-year old daughter is a student in the Grand Blanc Community school district.

Early on, he made the decision to keep his daughter home from school-- preferring to continue with remote learning.

He felt it was it the best decision academically while keeping her safe and healthy.

“You are going from one thing to the other and consistently having to readjust to what’s new. Which can’t be healthy,” Stephens said.

“It can bring about some anxiety and because they don’t have that consistency to know that they have a set schedule in school and things are always changing, it puts them on edge,” said counselor, Shuntai Walker.

Shuntai Walker is a licensed professional counselor in Genesee County.

She is currently working with school districts, parents and students to them navigate through these uncertain and ever changing times.

“With parents, I’m hearing more and more about scheduling. When their students schedule is similar to theirs. Maybe they have to go into work. Now they are not only trying to figure out childcare, also whoever the caregiver is needs to be able witty enough to help them with the online lessons,” Walker said.

Walker says the key is try to find balance.

“Learning to be adaptable is very important. You have to be organic. You always can’t have straight structure. That things are not necessarily black and white. There are going to be shades of gray there and to understand when that gray happens, that it’s okay. We just adjust to what’s happening in that moment,” Walker said.

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