Mott Foundation gives $1 million to Flint Community Schools for computers

Published: Nov. 17, 2020 at 3:06 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - The Mott Foundation is stepping in to help bridge the digital divide in the Flint Community Schools.

As virtual learning continues in the age of coronavirus, the foundation has granted the district more than $1 million for more technological resources.

“Some of our devices are very old,” Assistant Superintendent Kevelin Jones said of the district’s technology.

Other devices are too slow.

“Some of the technical side of the devices is how fast it is -- the capacity of what it can take and how much hard drive space,” Jones said.

That makes virtual learning for Flint Community Schools' 3,200 students not as efficient as it could be. To help bridge this digital divide, the Mott Foundation has awarded the district more than $1 million.

“This is a critical time period now. This coronavirus continues to impact our lives on a daily basis,” said Mott Foundation President and CEO Ridgway White. “We want to ensure that kids are impacted the least and that they can learn.”

The grant will allow the district to buy new iPads, Chromebooks and mobile WiFi hotspots.

“This is really to standardize and ensure that all of the students have the most up-to-date technology as we go into the long haul of learning, which is occurring remotely right now,” White said. “But when we come back to school, this grant will also help improve the technology in the schools so that there is a seamless transition back to learning in-person.”

Jones is grateful for the foundation’s support. He knows this is a game-changer for the district’s virtual learning experience.

“Ah, it’s going to be great, because it is going to speed up the process for the teachers, it’s going to speed up the process for our scholars and our families at home,” he said. “You know, some of them did not have computers at all.”

White pledged to continue working with Flint school administrators and board members to help as much as possible on current and future needs.

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