Genesee County sheriff announces big drug bust as overdose epidemic continues

Nearly 900 overdose patients have been saved this year while 147 have died
Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson holds up bags of heroin taken from a residence, which...
Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson holds up bags of heroin taken from a residence, which contain 1,300 individual hits of the drug.(source: WJRT)
Published: Nov. 19, 2020 at 2:13 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - A drug bust announced Wednesday netted enough heroin from one residence to provide 1,300 individual hits.

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson said the bust shows how police are working every day to make the county a safer place by getting opioids off the streets. He said the number of opioid overdoses in Genesee County hasn’t changed from 2019 to 2020.

Nearly 900 people overdosed but where saved by Narcan and received medical attention. But another 147 people have died of overdoses so far this year.

Swanson is pleading with everyone to avoid becoming a statistic and seek the help that is readily available.

”You need to get help now. We have plenty of resources to do it,” he said. “You can call, whatever you need to get help. Now the help is there. Even Hope not Handcuffs is in every police department in the county. We will be there for you. But don’t be a statistic.”

Swanson said the Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team, commonly referred to as GHOST, will continue working around the clock to find drug suppliers and catch anyone victimizing children.

“There won’t be a safe place in this county for pedophiles or those slinging dope, poisoning our people,” he said.

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