Community closet dresses Flint students for success

Published: Dec. 1, 2020 at 1:51 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Many Flint students are facing a dilemma when they schedule important college or job interviews.

They have nothing good to wear.

But a new community closet is ensuring these kids are dressed to impress.

Flint Community Schools Board President Casey Lester and Southwestern Classical Academy Principal Christopher Ochodnicky started The Jag Spot in room 83 at the high school. The community closet serves as a one-stop shop for students to borrow suits and dresses for special occasions --

“First impressions mean everything. We want to make sure our kids look fantastic,” Ochodnicky said.

He also had students approach him because they couldn’t afford clothes for prom. That motivated Ochodnicky to do something.

“We know how intelligent they are and we want to make sure when they go to their job interviews or for their date on prom or when they complete their senior exit interviews -- we want them to see how wonderful, intelligent, and talented students they are,” Ochodnicky said.

After several dozen donations, more than 100 pieces of clothes now hang ready for students to borrow. So far, nobody has taken advantage of the free service, but Ochodnicky will be ready when students start calling.

“We want to make sure that for any need that arises. Because one day you might be secured and know that you are prepared to have the funds to pay for a nice looking outfit and the next day things can change,” he said. “So, when your situation changes we are here to help.”

The Jag Spot is accepting donations. Email the Community Education staff for more information.

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