Rudy Giuliani’s COVID-19 diagnosis sparks concern in Lansing

The State’s House Speaker moved Tuesday’s votes to Wednesday, allowing time for lawmakers’ COVID-19 test results to come back.
Published: Dec. 7, 2020 at 5:35 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WJRT) - (12/7/2020) - President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Sunday his attorney Rudy Giuliani tested positive for COVID-19.

The positive test result comes just four days after Giuliani was part of a 4-hour hearing in Lansing.

Trump’s Legal Team issued a statement saying no one at the hearing is at risk for contracting the virus because of the timing of his positive test.

But, the agenda for Tuesday’s State House session is already changing.

Michigan’s House Speaker, Representative Lee Chatfield, has postponed any votes on Tuesday to Wednesday. But, he’s echoing Trump’s Legal Team.

In a statement, Chatfield said that according to the CDC’s guidelines, no state lawmakers are considered close contacts of Rudy Giuliani because he didn’t show symptoms or test positive until 48 hours after last Wednesday’s hearing. That’s not sitting well with all of his colleagues.

“I know that the leaders of his party met with him in close proximity for nearly an hour prior to the hearing,” Rep. Sheryl Kennedy said. “There was a lot of intimate talk, a lot of, you know, close proximity talk. And, I’m concerned for them, but I’m concerned for now what they potentially could be spreading throughout the House.”

The Democratic lawmaker was not in the room during Wednesday’s hearing; but she said, learning of Rudy Giuliani’s positive COVID-19 test has her concerned for all of her colleagues who went to the House Office Building that afternoon.

“Rudy Giuliani gets on an elevator, without a mask, and he goes to that hearing. And I stayed back, I talked to my colleagues on the House floor a little bit. Then I go to the house building, and I take the same elevator within 30 minutes. I’m at risk. Anyone who walked through that House lobby, who touched a House door, who rode in an elevator, where that man was, is at risk,” she said.

Kennedy added the House Business Office is offering free COVID-19 tests to lawmakers. But, she’d like it to be a requirement before they return for sessions this week.

She said, “It’s kind of a pat on the head - ‘alright, you silly people who worry, we’ll let you get a test but just so you know it was two days and CDC guidelines say two days so your, your good.’”

Kennedy is getting tested. She said she and some of her colleagues plan to wear stronger face masks Wednesday. She added there’s no option to not show up because the votes will happen no matter what.

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