Michigan certifies Joe Biden as winner of 16 electoral college votes

Published: Dec. 14, 2020 at 6:32 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT)(12/14/20)- -From threats of violence, to unproven cases of voter fraud--- and court battles including a rejection by the Supreme Court-- the road to certifying the November Presidential election has been one paved road blocks.

But on Monday that all came to a halt---

“Hearing none, the electors will vote by ballot to facilitate this voting. I would like to call upon our sergeant at arms to please step forward and distribute the ballots for the office of President of the United States to the electors,” said Lt Gov. Garlin Gilcrist.

As 16 Michigan electoral delegates cast their votes for Joe Biden to become our next President and Kamala Harris as Vice President.

Biden is expected to earn 306 electoral votes-- surpassing the 270 needed to be elected president.

The state Capital is currently closed to visitors due COVID-19 precautions and safety reasons.

Ahead of today’s vote Republican State Rep Gary Eisen of St. Clair Township-- implied he would take part in the disruption of the vote and couldn’t rule out violence taking place at the State Capital or elsewhere.

Eisen was pulled from a GOP committee following his comments to a Port Huron radio station.

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield also a released a statement on the election.

“There were irregularities with this recent election that need more attention. That is why the Legislature, which is the voice of the people, is still looking into those allegations and giving the people their right to speak and be heard at the state Capitol,” said MI Speaker of the House, Lee Chatfield (R).

“I can’t fathom risking our norms, traditions and institutions to pass a resolution retroactively changing the electors for Trump, simply because some think there may have been enough widespread fraud to give him the win,” Lee Chatfield said.

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