Grand Blanc students offer morale boost for McLaren Flint Hospital nurses

Tasked with a school project to make a positive impact in their community, six high school seniors chose to honor their local nurses.
Published: Dec. 15, 2020 at 5:23 PM EST
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GRAND BLANC, Mich. (WJRT) - (12/15/2020) - “We never really know what people are going through and like the small acts of kindness could really, like, brighten their day,” Grand Blanc High School Senior Carson Baker said.

What started as a class project for Baker and five of his classmates ended up bringing a big smile to their local nurses.

The Leadership Class at Grand Blanc High School asks students to simply make a positive impact in their community.

Their teacher, Todd Babiasz, said this group of 6 students struggled to come up with how they wanted to make that positive impact. Then, they saw our story on ABC12 about nurses feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That positive impact is needed so much more than it normally is because everyone’s feeling so much more rundown,” student Dominick Tupper said.

So, they decided they would honor the nurses at McLaren Flint who work tirelessly everyday in the hospital’s COVID-19 unit.

“To kind of give the nurses a morale boost and show them that they are appreciated, they’re heard and just show them that we thank them by giving them these goodies,” Shadi Halloun explained.

On their weekends and time-off after school for the last several weeks, the students went to countless businesses in Grand Blanc asking for donations to put in the gift baskets.

They were able to get massage and smoothie gift cards, flower bouquets, car wash tokens, lotion and hand sanitizer. Plus, a few of them even baked several goodies themselves, too.

“You wouldn’t really expect these small businesses, that are like going through so much trouble, to help out and donate; but they did, and that’s really impressive and amazing,” Matt Balenda said.

Baker added, “We didn’t really think we’re gonna have a lot of this stuff and we’re filling up the baskets, they were like overflowing. And so, when we gave them to them it was a pretty good feeling.”

The delivery to McLaren’s frontline staff happened Friday. Missy Smith with the McLaren Flint Foundation said the staff was blown away by the thoughtful, selfless teenagers.

“It, for them, just reminds them that they’re not, they’re not in this alone,” she said. “It makes them smile. It gives them just that little bit of extra umph they need because they’ve got a really tough job. You know, this impacts them and impacts their families as well.”

Each of the students shared different life-lessons they learned during this project.

Cierra Trudeau’s comment says it all, “Never underestimate the power you have. Like we’re just like young kids and we were able to make that big of an impact.”

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