Hart’s Closet bringing Christmas magic

“One Smile and some comfort. It makes it totally worth it.”
Published: Dec. 18, 2020 at 12:52 PM EST
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DAVISON, Mich. (WJRT) - “It was closet Christmas chaos but awesome chaos though.”

The joy of Christmas morning is a feeling all kids deserve and Hart’s Closet in Davison is hoping to add that magic of the holidays to numerous foster families as well as families in the community that have fallen in hard times.

“We helped 48 families and 73 children. We provided Christmas dinner for them and toys. The kids gave us a lift and swear they got everything on their lists,” said Officer Jessica Hart, Hart’s Closet owner.

These Christmas wishes were everyday items like towels, winter boots, new clothes, and with every gift comes a blanket and Jessica says those blankets mean much more.

“The word home to them is loose. Whether they’re in a shelter or foster care it’s temporary. That blanket they get to keep. It’s new, it’s theirs, it’s something that brings comfort to them. That’s a wonderful donation item. We take new bedding and blankets for them so that way they can take it place to place and eventually find their forever home,” said Hart.

This feeling is close to Jessica’s heart. For most of her childhood, her family couldn’t celebrate Christmas financially and lived in and out of homeless shelters.

“You think I was good, Santa will still come here and see me. But you wake up and you know weren’t going to get gifts but you hoped there was some magic but there’s not,” said Hart.

She says those few minutes of magic can bring so much joy.

“One Smile and some comfort and it makes it totally worth it,” said Hart.

To donate or help out visit Hart’s Closet Facebook page: Hart’s Closet

In addition, Big Cheezes Pizza is partnering up with local Law Enforcement agencies to collect donations for Hart’s Closet. The event is taking place Saturday, December 18 from 10 AM - 1 PM. For more information visit: Donation Drive for Hart’s Closet at Big Cheezees.

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