Local activist responds to Saginaw City Councilman’s post on gun violence

Published: Dec. 30, 2020 at 6:21 PM EST
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SAGINAW, Mich. (WJRT) -I did call out our community, our community organizers organizations what not, because we need everyone,” said Saginaw City Councilman, Reggie Williams.

Saginaw City Councilman Reggie Williams-- sparking a dialogue through a recent Facebook post. By calling out local activists for what he believes has been silence on the uptick in gun violence not related to police involved shootings that occurred in the city this year.

“To say that people who are against police violence but doesn’t speak up against inner city violence is to me, is fundamentally incorrect. We have plenty of organizations, plenty of non profit organizations, plenty of youth initiatives and different things like that across the country, even in Saginaw, where we are trying to combat that,” said local activist, Brandon Hall.

The post generated a lot of responses -- Brandon Harris, a local community activist, was one of them.

He says elected officials also bear responsibility in providing a better response to the gun violence taking place.

“My only issue with his perspective is, which I highly respect is the fact that the titles you occupy, which is the police chief of Buena Vista Township, but you’re also a Saginaw City Council member. If posted that or if other people posted that, there would be some responses, some comments, some dialogue , but then we would go about our day. But you are in two positions to, I wouldn’t say power, but to affect public policy.” he said.

Harris says he is glad Williams post has created a conversation-- but he hopes it goes further, with community and elected leaders working together rather than pointing fingers at one another.

“The community is a strong hold, but I do think we have to come together where we can do effective public policy change. Or create resources to bring into the neighborhoods where we are slowing down or trying to prevent crime from happening,” Hall said.

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