Bay County phone system crashes due to vaccine registration calls

Published: Jan. 4, 2021 at 6:14 PM EST
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BAY COUNTY Mich. (WJRT) -(01/04/21)-”It’s one of those things where the best of intentions can go pretty bad, pretty fast,” said Bay County Health Officer Joel Strasz.

The effort to register Bay County residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine-- kept health department employees busy last week.

“There is such a demand for the vaccine, people want to be done with this and I understand that. But we had people calling over and over and saying hey, I want to register for the vaccine and ended up crashing the county phone system,” Strasz said.

Bay County Health Officer Joel Strasz says an unintended consequence of some well meaning residents to spread the word about registering to receive the COVID=19 vaccine.

“It wasn’t a hoax. But, you know, we’re just not ready for that yet so we’re trying to get it. We’ve got to get through the 1a tier group first. And we want to make sure that we get a chance to register people without overwhelming. Either the health departments or the other county systems,” he said.

Currently the state is in Phase 1a -- which is frontline workers.

In the meantime, Strasz says check online for when its time to register as well as where you may fall in the state’s guideline of phases for individuals to receive the vaccine.

“You know, it happened, it showed us that we’ve got to put together a more robust registration system. And so, you know, we’re working on that. And what we’re going to be asking folks to do is really check our website, on a continual basis is we’ll have more up to date information we’re going to be always updating that information, every day,” Strasz said.

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