John Glenn HS Booster Club out $3,000 after ticket vendor fails to pay up

Published: Jan. 6, 2021 at 6:13 PM EST
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BANGOR TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) - An already tough fundraising year due the coronavirus pandemic was just made even more difficult for the John Glenn High School Booster Club after money the club raised through a golf outing in September was lost.

The ticket vending company they used for the annual fundraiser, Brown Paper Tickets, failed to deposit the money into their account.

”I’m heartbroken. This is terrible. It’s one more kick in the teeth that 2020 gave us,” said John Glenn Booster Club’s Glenn Rowley.

The Booster Club lost over $3,000.

“They received our money, they did not return it to us within the normal two week period of time. They just kept the money,” Rowley said.

Booster Club President Deire Piotrowski said they normally raise money through the concession stands at football and basketball games, something they couldn’t do this year due state COVID-19 restrictions.

“We were only allowed to open our concessions for a handful of games so we really haven’t earned a whole lot of money and we were very thankful that we were allowed to move forward with our golf outing so we are definitely bummed out about it,” Piotrowski said.

Through their efforts to recoup the money, they learned they weren’t the only ones waiting to receive their funds.

“So we are part of a lawsuit, so hopefully we will get some money back. But we aren’t holding our breath on it,” Piotrowski said.

Rowley said the loss of $3,000 may seem relatively small, but it means the boosters won’t be able to afford help for extra-curricular activities at Banger Township schools.

“It may be small fries with being over $3,000, but here in beautiful Bangor Township, this is huge news,” he said. “This makes it so we can’t buy uniforms for the junior varsity basketball team. We can’t buy microphones for the drama club. We can’t give the level of support that are used to giving our kids and it hurts.”

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