Michigan State Police clock 8 drivers at 100+ mph on I-75 in one week

The speeders all were driving between Bay County and the Flint area in the first week of January
Published: Jan. 7, 2021 at 7:03 PM EST
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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) - Michigan State Police stopped eight drivers traveling at speeds well beyond 100 mph on I-75 between Flint and Bay City over the first week of 2021.

Police say those high speeds present significant danger to drivers and everyone around them.

“When you’re traveling at 100 mph, you’re actually crossing a football field in three seconds. Your ability to react is taken down to almost nothing,” said Michigan State Police Lt. Liz Rich.

She said the eight speeders all were clocked in one week from Bay County to the Flint area. All of them received large fines and several points on their driver’s licenses.

“Eight was a stand out. They haven’t seen numbers like that in quite some time, and I guarantee you they all received citations for that,” Rich said.

Troopers have heard every excuse in the book.

“They had to use the restroom, they were late for work. We even had one man say he had just won the lottery, a significant amount of money,” Rich said. “But if you never make it to your destination, then what’s the point of traveling at that speed?”

At the end of the day, police are mostly concerned about the danger drivers are creating by reaching those speeds -- not just for themselves, but other drivers. The results can be fatal.

“It’s extremely difficult to determine how fast someone is going when you’re coming up behind them. They won’t be able to respond to that,” Rich said. “We’ve had accidents where a deer has come out in front of a vehicle traveling at a higher rate of speed and they weren’t able to avoid it, so the deer went right through the windshield.”

She advises drivers to use cruise control in dry conditions to help them maintain a consistent speed.

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