Dr. Mona: Flint water crisis charges are ‘a step forward’ to closure

The Flint pediatrician exposed elevated lead levels in kids as a result of the water switch, proving the City was in a crisis.
Published: Jan. 20, 2021 at 5:47 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (1/20/2021) - One of the loudest voices in Flint, whose work proved the City was in a crisis, is sharing her thoughts on the new round of criminal charges in the Flint Water Investigation.

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha exposed elevated lead levels in kids as a result of the water switch.

Wednesday, the Flint Pediatrician shared her continued work to help the community heal.

When ABC12 spoke with Dr. Mona on the 6th anniversary of Flint’s water source switch in April 2020, she said “justice delayed is justice denied” for the community. With last Thursday’s announcement that nine former city and state employees would be held criminally responsible for the water crisis, Dr. Mona believes justice is getting closer.

“This water crisis is a deep wound, a scarring wound and it’s taken a long time to heal,” she explained. “Having things like accountability and justice will help it heal, not completely; but it absolutely, it absolutely is a step forward to that closure.”

Everyday as a Flint pediatrician, Dr. Mona sees what she called “overwhelming obstacles” Flint kids and their families face as a result of poverty, nutrition security, education inequities and poisoned water.

“That really make it difficult for our children to succeed,” Dr. Mona explained. “But, what I see every day in clinic is the amazing resilience, the grit, the leadership, the bravery of our kids who are so resilient and have really been able to lend their voice - really nationally - to improve outcomes for children all over.”

Because Dr. Mona explained the crisis turned into an opportunity to make real change across the country.

“The villains of this crisis are not necessarily people. You know, this crisis didn’t happen by accident,” she shared. “It happened by these long standing villains, like the villains of racism and greed and anti-intellectualism and capitalism and all these other factors, that you know drove Flint to be in this state of crisis that could have been predicted.”

Dr. Mona is reminding anyone impacted by the water crisis you can still sign up and join the Flint Registry. By doing so, you help their team better understand the community’s needs, so they can advocate for the right resources and services.

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