EXCLUSIVE: Owosso man charged with terrorism threat goes one-on-one

Published: Jan. 23, 2021 at 11:09 PM EST
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OWOSSO, Mich. (WJRT) (1/23/2021)--Only on ABC12: the Owosso man charged with threatening to kill democrats at President Biden’s Inauguration – opening up hours after his release from the Shiawassee County jail.

Richard Maurer reached out to ABC12 and said he was now being silenced online. He also claimed he never had any intention of killing anybody. It follows an investigation by Owosso public safety, the US secret service and others, who allegedly revealed the evidence after executing a warrant on his social media accounts.

“This is your choice to do this interview, correct?”

“Yes, it sure is.”

Rick Maurer stands by his word, even if those words might mean living out the rest of his days behind bars.

“That’s fine,” Maurer said. “I’m willing to take the risk. I stand behind every word I said.”

Maurer, out of lockup Saturday and admitting exclusively in a face-to-face interview with ABC12 the alleged statements that landed him a four day stint in jail were his own.

“I did want to give you the opportunity to clarify some of those,” this reported explained. “If you would look through them—did you post all of this?”

“Yeah,” he responded after rifling through the stack of documents.

Maurer’s Facebook page was still public and several of the posts in question – which involve various election fraud conspiracies -- remained on display Saturday. Asking friends in a December 13 update “anyone want to be in a militia group?”

Maurer later commented the effort would require an “overwhelming number of patriots, well-armed.”

The 65-year-old remained vocal even after a visit from federal and local investigators, writing in an update dated January 16 he’d told them “it was my duty to kill to preserve the constitution. I said I would die for Trump and country, but would rather the invaders die. I still say that.”

“They also reference another post, potentially or a message they allegedly uncovered in your social media.”

“Go shoot democrats?” Maurer questioned.


“I forgot to put the LOL on the end of that,” Maurer explained.

The self-described Owosso patriot, now barred from using his social media per the conditions of his release. Maurer claims his comments have been misinterpreted, even that he’s been victimized by law enforcement and the media.

“They took my words out of context,” he argued, later explaining an interaction in the courtroom. “That I was a threat to society and I was a menace to the community and the judge agreed.”

“Do you feel as though you’re any of those things?”

“No, no, I’m a patriot,” Maurer asserted.

Maurer said he had since received several death threats.

“So, somebody called and said…”

“We’re going to come down and put a bullet in both of our heads,” Maurer claimed.

Maurer told ABC12 law enforcement had seized several guns from his Owosso home as their investigation continued, including an AR-15, a 22 revolver and another handgun he claimed belonged to a friend.

“I feel that they stole my vote, then they stole my freedom,” he said. “All that did was lit the fire inside of me more.”

Maurer is charged with making a false report of terrorism. He’ll be back in court next month. The Owosso man faces up to 20 years behind bars if convicted.

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