Fenton Adopt-A-Pet helps rescue dozens of dogs from West Virginia hoarding situation

Published: Jan. 28, 2021 at 6:10 PM EST
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FENTON, Mich. (WJRT) - Fenton Adopt-A-Pet has come to the rescue of dozens of dogs that were in a West Virginia hoarding situation a couple weeks ago, after the owner passed away.

“There really wasn’t much time to take it all in and to feel the despair,” said Director Jody Maddock.

Around 75 small and medium sized dogs and a variety of breeds were living on a wooded property just feet away from the Ohio River.

Many of the dogs covered in mud. No food to be found. No veterinary care. No social interaction. No life that dogs like these truly deserve.

“You’re walking in mud that’s just filled with feces and urine and blood from the fights,” Maddock said.

But with help comes hope. Fenton Adopt-A-Pet was able to rescue 35 of the 75 dogs. Other rescue groups took some of the more aggressive dogs.

Around 20 of the 35 pooches are now in foster homes through the organization.

“Their tail between their legs and heads down, their eyes were so wide open, because they were so so scared, and just within a few days, many of them have made baby steps,” she said.

Baby steps like taking chicken or treats from your hand, wagging tails, and a lesser sense of fear, because that’s all these dogs have known for so long.

“They lived in mud. They didn’t live with a couch, a dog bed, with toys, so they don’t really know what that means yet,” Maddock added.

The hope is they will with time, training, patience, care and love, they will be adopted out to become man’s best friend.

Fenton Adopt-A-Pet will eventually put these dogs up for adoption; however, it will take quite some time.

The organization’s director said to keep an eye on their website in the coming weeks and months:

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