Genesee County Sheriff’s Office, unions treat hospital workers to lunch

Published: Feb. 3, 2021 at 7:17 PM EST
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GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) - An idea to give back to hospital workers turned into a community-wide effort on Wednesday.

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office joined two local unions and several restaurants to provide meals to employees at Hurley Medical Center, Ascension Genesys Hospital and McLaren Flint Hospital. The kind gesture meant a lot to the men and women who have worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

”You don’t even know their faces and they don’t know you but these guys and these ladies make it happen,” said Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association made contributions to provide lunch to every hospital worker in Genesee County. It’s money from their paychecks donated to a specific fund designated to help their community.

“We were trying to think of something we could do to give back and I knew I made the right phone call when I called Chris,” said Greg Remington of the IBEW.

The day started at Ascension Genesys Hospital with Great Harvest Bread company providing meals. The group accepting the gift is made up of people from the units that directly care for COVID-19 patients.

“It’s been a huge blessing,” said Raquel Largent, the director of inpatient rehabilitation and therapy services at Ascension Genesys.

Largent has also been in charge of handling donations to the hospital over the past year. She’s grateful to see the community is still taking care of its heroes almost a year after the coronavirus pandemic began.

“I mean, it might not seem like a big deal but it does it takes time, and so to be able to just stay on your unit and be able to just kind of take a rest and have a meal brought to you, it’s just a little thing but it means the world,” Largent said.

The sentiment is similar from Hurley Medical Center’s staff. They received lunch from Hoffman’s Deli.

The donors planned to return later Thursday with more meals. The sheriff’s team worked with each hospital CEO to make sure their donation reaches every shift

“When we can spread the love to second or third (shift), then it’s super appreciated. Faces light up. Everyone’s just excited it’s a little glimpse of sunshine in the cold,” said Jordan Brown of Hurley Medical Center.

Swanson said effort shines a light on the labor unions that built the county’s good character and continues the Walk With Us movement started last summer.

“We continue to take care of people. This was just another example because this is,” he said. “There’s no end date. Unity means nonstop always build bridges.”

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