Flint Community Schools delays in-person learning due to sneeze guard issues

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 5:16 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) -(02/19/21)-For the first time since last March- students at Flint Community Schools were supposed to return to the classroom for in-person learning Monday. But late Friday- the district made the decision to delay it once again.

In a letter to parents, the superintendent says they are delaying the return to in-person learning until issues with sneeze guards have been resolved.

Brittny Giles 3 of 4 children attend Doyle Ryder Elementary--Giles says she has had mixed feelings about them going back.

“I’m an active parents so I was always in the school volunteering in the class donating. Now I can’t do any of that,” Giles said.

Marlo Thomas’ twin sons are a bit older- they’re juniors at Southwestern Academy. Like Giles, Thomas is worried about her boys returning to a classroom.

“I’m afraid. I’m honestly afraid, but they’re juniors and they’re ready to go back to school and I understand that, but at the same time, I got to be concerned about their safety,” Thomas said.

Thomas says first hand knowledge of how bad COVID-19 can be-- is the reason why.

“I had a brother and a sister both had it, but thank God. They both were healed of it, but I’m scared because we don’t know,” Thomas said.

Both moms say their children would benefit greatly from having face-to-face learning again-- even for two days.

“I don’t want to send my kids to school, and then they get sick and then I feel it’s my fault. But at the same time, as a child you need to be around other children your age,” Giles said.

“I’m gonna give it a try, you know, to see how it is the first weekend. If the goals fine, but you know, if not, I’m gonna pull them right back out and there’ll be right back home on the computer,” Thomas said.

March first is the date recommended by Governor Whitmer for all districts to offer an in-person option. Flint Community Schools is expected to offer a hybrid plan for students- with 2 days a week in a classroom, and three days virtual.

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