Medstar EMT training program pays its students

Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 8:11 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (2/18/2021) - Several weeks ago, our own Ann Pirret brought you the story on the shortage of ambulance services in Genesee County.

Well, one mid-Michigan emergency care provider is trying to help increase the number of trained people available.

More than 40 students are halfway through an intensive hands-on program, to learn how to become an EMT.

The eight weeks of classes covers all aspects of emergency care, with a twist.

You’re getting paid to learn, about $12.50/hr for this full-time course.

“You start here in training, as a job with a wage, That covers the employment perspective. That covers the economic stability perspective. And then, moving into clinical operations as an EMT, or then moving on to the paramedic,” said Medstar President & CEO Kolby Miller.

Miller points out there’s a need for more preventative and alternative care.

And for that, you need more people.

“Not only do we need EMT’s and paramedics on the ambulances, for the traditional 911 response or the inter-hospital or inter-facility work. What we’re doing, is a lot of work in patient’s homes with EMT’s and paramedics who aren’t on the ambulance,” Miller commented.

The nearly 30 year old company has expanded to serving 9 counties, with more than 800 employees and 145 ambulances.

Miller believes supporting students with pay and employment, once they graduate and pass their state test, is needed as services continue to expand and change.

“We believe this is the future of health care, Miller added. Delivering care to people where they are, at the level they need at the time, is the direction that health care is going.”

Owen Clary, who is in the EMT Academy, told me he’s there to better his future.

“It all started off with my fire department. I’m a firefighter in Burton. And to pursue a further career in the fire department, I decided to join EMT and get more medical experience.”

Additional EMT classes will begin this spring For more information, just go to our website and this story, we’ll provide you with a link.

Medstar also offers paramedic training.

Skilled paramedics can make up to $75,000 / year.

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