Fabiano Brothers beer distributor joins the fight against human trafficking

Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 11:27 PM EST
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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) - In 2019 alone, the governor’s office says there were more than 22,300 victims and survivors of human trafficking.

Now a private Bay City-based beer distributor is joining the fight.

The Fabiano Brothers are raising awareness of this nationwide issue by training and educating its employees on how to recognize and report the warning signs of human trafficking.

“We’re educating our employees on what those red flag behaviors are. So if we know what the signs are we can see these human trafficking victims or red flags and help be a part of the solution,” said Tamra Henning, the director of training and corporate development at Fabiano Brothers.

The distribution company partnered with the National Beer Wholesalers Association to bring more awareness to human trafficking by giving online video training to its 500 employees.

Beer distributors, visit thousands of retail establishments across the country. Fabiano Brothers says that gives its employees unique access to places that may not be seen by the general public.

“So they’ve been given tip cards with the signs and behaviors to look out for -- control, unexplained fear or nervousness. We’re looking for areas that are off limits. Locks on doors, possibly people that are dressed inappropriately for their age or the weather,” said Henning.

Fabiano Brothers have also taken the initiative to print posters and put up signs throughout the state so more people can report suspicious behavior possibly tied to human trafficking.

“We’ve printed decals and we’ve put those on the backs of our delivery trailers so that on the road people can see that national human trafficking hotline number,” Henning said.

Human trafficking continues to be a major issue across the United States the Fabiano Brothers hopes that by training its employees and bringing awareness to this issue will help save lives.

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