Amazon’s new Saginaw County delivery station opens with 40 jobs, added incentive for local businesses

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 10:09 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) (2/19/2021)--Tech giant Amazon--moving on in...

The company announced late last year it planned to set up a delivery center in Saginaw County. That’s come to pass in just the last few weeks at a repurposed facility off the I-75 and M-81 interchange in Buena Vista.

The conveyer belts start turning as soon as you click that order button. Packages of every shape and size make their way from giant regional fulfillment centers to delivery centers, which service individual communities. The impact, Amazon Spokesperson Jessica Pawl said, will go well beyond light speed local delivery times.

“What is in the works now is actually a fully operational station as of Wednesday,” she explained.

Amazon’s Buena Vista delivery center will bring on 40 new hires – all local talent -- within its first month in operation. But, the work here is just beginning, with plans to scale to more than 100 positions at full capacity.

“This is one of our first facilities in your area and we’re excited to be able to come to Saginaw, to be able to work with a talented local workforce,” Pawl related.

“We get a win-win,” JoAnn Crary added.

Beyond the numbers on paper, there’s an added incentive for locals who partner with the online retailer through what’s called Amazon Flex. Crary heads up Saginaw Future.

“A business can start up and have its own vehicle and hire its own staff and then they will actually be delivering the packages… not only starting up these small businesses, but also for businesses that want to sell to Amazon,” she explained.

The tech giant has grown its presence in the Great Lakes State in recent years – largely in the southern half of the state – where its workforce now numbers in excess of 13-thousand. Saginaw County will be the northernmost location the company has opened in Michigan to date.

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