Saginaw woman who was involved in excessive force case arrested again

She has been charged four times since July excessive force incident
The Saginaw Police Department
The Saginaw Police Department(source: WJRT)
Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 6:07 PM EST
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SAGINAW, Mich. (WJRT) - More legal trouble for the woman who was punched by a Saginaw Police officer last year.

It’s her third arrest since the now-former officer allegedly hit her four times.

That incident cost him his job.

Jennifer Clemmons was just released from jail last month, when the victim in that particular case failed to appear for a hearing.

Less than a month later, she’s back behind bars for assault and bringing a weapon into jail.

58-year-old Jennifer Clemmons was arrested again Friday, after Saginaw Police were called to a home on Ames where a woman said Clemmons was threatening to assault the woman with a knife.

Clemmons was taken to the Saginaw County Jail again, where police say a female deputy at the jail found Clemmons had two knifes tucked down in her socks.

She was arraigned again this morning, the fourth time that has happened since July 11th.

That was the night that then-Saginaw police officer Adam Collier allegedly punched the hand-cuffed Clemmons as she was being arrested for assault and then hit her again in the county jail after Clemmons spit on him during this pandemic.

Collier was fired, which sparked a sick-out by some Saginaw officers for a few days.

Collier was later charged with two counts of assault and battery and misconduct in office charges that were issued through the state’s Attorney General’s office.

That case is now in Saginaw County Circuit Court and a new court date has not been scheduled.

Court records indicate Clemmons was just released from jail on January 20th, after a witness in another assault case failed to show for a hearing, the second time the witness failed to show. The charges were dismissed.

Clemmons could be out of jail again soon.

Her bond was set at 75-hundred dollars, or ten percent of that, but at this time, she remains in jail.

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