Senator Stabenow weighs in on permanent GM layoffs

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 11:15 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) -

Senator Debbie Stabenow speaks out on Tuesday night showing support to General Motors workers who were permanently laid off on Monday.

This comes after Senators Stabenow and Gary Peters introduced a bill earlier on Tuesday they say could help solve the problem that lead to those layoffs. But they’re hoping it will also bring more jobs here to Michigan.

“We need to make sure those jobs are in Michigan. Whatever we do, I want the plant in Michigan. I want those component parts being made in Michigan,” said Stabenow.

Now that companies like GM are shifting to have fully electric vehicles in the next 10 years Stabenow says it’s important that auto companies have their products made in the states.

“Our workers are the best in the world, and we need to do everything we can to make sure those jobs are in Michigan.”

Stabenow says the bipartisan bill introduced will help strengthen Michigan manufacturing.

“This bill is in for anyone who is making anything... This is about all goods and services. We want American tax dollars being spent on American companies and American workers.”

The Make It in America Act comes just a day after General Motors Flint Engine Operations plant permanently laid off more than 160 workers.

The cause? An industry-wide shortage of semiconductor chips used in many new vehicles. Several automakers have stopped production lines because of the shortage.

Stabenow says in order to save jobs these chips should be made in the states.

“These are very important component parts for the auto industry, we’re also finding that for appliances for anything that really is high tech, we need to have the semiconductor parts, these chips. And then we need these. We need them made in the United States.”

Stabenow says it’s unfortunate that so many people have lost their jobs and now it is up to the Government to show support.

“This time is to make sure that we have people’s backs so that they can survive and make it through to the other side. Things will get better. They are very slowly getting better.”

The Make it in America act sits with the committee for review.

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