“Going and Growing”: Bay County numbers among state leaders in budding legal weed industry

Published: Mar. 4, 2021 at 10:45 PM EST
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BAY CO., Mich. (WJRT) (3/4/2021)--We’re digging deeper into the Multi-million-dollar revenue from Marjiuana sales in the state.

The state took in more than $45-million from taxes and fees on legal sales of the drug in 2020. The State Treasury Department says more than $11.5-million is going to the School Aid Fund. The same amount will be distributed to the Michigan Transportation Fund. $12.5-million is going to start-up and administrative costs necessary in the first year of sales and nearly $10-million is being spread over dozens of local municipalities.

Pulling in Nearly half-a-million dollars--by far the most in Mid-Michigan--is Bay County. Where, in just a few short years, storefronts with that tell-tale green signage are now a dime-a-dozen.

“It’s absolutely really impressive.”

County Executive Jim Barcia – more than happy to delve into the weeds.

“As we continue this journey with legalized marijuana in Michigan, I think there will be more communities that will embrace it,” he mused during a Thursday phone call with ABC12.

Per the 2018 law establishing the Marijuana Regulation Fund, cities and counties each pocket 15-percent of the tax dollars collected by local dispensaries. Topping $420-thousand in fiscal year 2020, Bay County’s “herb n’ sprawl” ranked behind only Ann Arbor.

“It has resulted in a robust amount of activity here supporting the dispensaries and, of course, the grow operations,” Barcia explained. “We have very significant one by the name of Pincanna.”

“Our facilities just really came totally online…. All of our main facilities are going and growing.”

Michigan-based Pincanna and Founding Partner Robert Nusbaum will help fuel that rise. They operate a state-of-the-art more than $60-million cultivation facility on the outskirts of Pinconning.

“Why Bay County? How would you characterize your experience?”

“If you could pick the ideal situation and location and people to deal with, Bay County and Pinconning Township have been it,” Nusbaum said.

Sitting on well over 100 acres and already boasting more than a hundred jobs for growers, processors, etc., this joint has no plans to slow down, but let the high times roll on.

“The supply and demand curve right now, we can barely keep it on our shelves,” Nusbaum related. “We are already starting to plan our next expansion.”

Now raking in the proverbial green, Bay County, said Barcia, has since sown the seeds of even greater future profit when Pincanna and others fully hit the tax rolls.

“Do you feel as though Bay County is an example to follow at this point?”

“People are coming quite the distance,” Barcia responded. “They frequently had folks from the Upper Peninsula coming all the way to Bay City.”

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