Flint police chief credits Special Investigations Unit for major drug busts

Chief Terence Green showed off just a portion of the items confiscated over two weeks time.
Published: Mar. 9, 2021 at 6:05 PM EST
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (3/9/2021) - $60,000 in drugs, $50,000 in cash and countless illegal guns now off the streets and in the hands of Flint Police.

Chief Terence Green showed off just a portion of the items confiscated over two weeks time.

He said the department’s new Special Investigative Unit made it happen.

“This is only a small sampling of the work that they have done. If we brought in all the evidence they’ve seized and all the firearms illegal firearms, there’s not enough room, enough tables in this room to cover everything,” Chief Green said.

The two tables they did fill displayed crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, cash from drug deals, illegal firearms and ammunition.

The 6-person Special Investigative Unit is given a name or address and Chief Green said they get to work.

“Being proactive, they’re not responsible for the day-to-day radio calls that the officers of the patrol operations bureau have to conduct, which is, ranging from 300 to 150 calls a day,” he explained.

Two separate investigations uncovered all that evidence and led to more than 6 felony arrests, according to the Chief. He said the work was conducted in the last two weeks.

The 1900 block of Tebo Street is where one of those investigations took place. Five people, including an 11-month-old were shot on that block on January 28th.

“Our job is to target the drivers of crime in order to reduce the crime rate in the City of Flint,” the Chief said.

He wants to make it clear the Department is listening. Chief Green explained the efforts started because people spoke up about concerns in their neighborhoods.

When asked about resources, Chief Green said the Mayor has been generous.

But, what about staffing issues? Can they keep this momentum going while seeing the cases through the courts?

“We’re not gonna make any excuses,” Chief Green said. “Everything here, this evidence before you was seized and forfeited by following the rule of law. And that’s what they do and they’re motivated by it. They have a lot of enthusiasm. And these are the results of that.”

Chief Green added all of the guns seized will be destroyed and the confiscated cash will fund the unit’s continued efforts.

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