Loud boom causes houses to shake north and east of Flint -- but what was it?

Published: Mar. 8, 2021 at 7:19 PM EST
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GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) - A loud boom caused homes to shake across a large swath of Genesee County north and east of Flint on Monday morning.

The cause of the boom that people heard and felt in Burton and Genesee Township remained a mystery into the afternoon. Police didn’t receive any reports of an explosion, damage or injuries from the boom.

Discussions in community groups on social media blew up around 9 a.m. with people asking what that loud noise was and if anyone else heard it. Sifting through hundreds of comments, it appears the sound and rattling stretched across Genesee Township into Burton.

“We were just sitting in the living room watching TV and heard this real loud boom -- and I mean it shook the house. You can actually feel the floor shake and the windows. And me and the wife looked at each other and we was wondering what was that?” said Tom Delgado.

He immediately went outside looking for remnants of an explosion or the sound of sirens -- anything. All he saw was his neighbor off Genesee Road in Genesee Township looking as puzzled as he was, which made him feel less crazy.

“It was just one big boom, maybe less than a second long,” Delgado said.

He reached out to his sister who lives closer to Davison and a friend down the street. They felt and heard it too.

Delgado said this is actually the second time this has happened in the last six months with the same experience each time.

“If anybody’s ever heard a sonic boom, that’s about the only thing that I can say it would be similar to. Not the same as gunfire, not the same as mortar fire -- heard that. It’s like it’s coming from above,” he said.

Delgado is a U.S. Navy veteran, so he knows supersonic flight shouldn’t be happening above a residential area.

“It’s really hard to speculate,” he said. “I don’t want to sound like the conspiracy theorist that I can be. But this is like, as I say, this is not the first time has happened with no answers. That’s what makes it intriguing.”

Genesee County Central Dispatch received nine calls about the boom and rattling Monday morning, but no property damage was reported. The Burton and Genesee Township police departments also weren’t aware of a reason for the boom.

Various online resources had not received any reports of a meteor in the area on Monday.

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