Family pet attacked and killed by neighborhood dogs

Published: Mar. 15, 2021 at 11:22 PM EDT
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Monday night a family in Chesaning is mourning the death of their pet after it was attacked by neighborhood dogs.

“Those dogs have been in that backyard barking, running around, (and) having a great time. Well, my Charlie is buried out there,” said Gail Schwandt.

Last week Gail Schwandt was the owner of two dogs Charlie and Sadie. This week Sadie sits alone by the window after Charlie was attacked and killed by 2 other neighborhood dogs who got out of their fenced in yard.

“I was screaming, Charlie Charlie… and he went out to the corner and that other spare lot is ours, he ran to the south, where there’s two fences. So he was caught in the corner. He had no escape.”

Schwandt says she ran over to protect Charlie pushing the two other dogs away, but she knew that he was already dead.

Kyle Wheeler says he was walking by when he said he heard screaming coming from Schwandt’s yard.

“I was kind of shocked (by) what I seen, but I knew I had to stop it immediately. So I ran and grabbed the dog that was currently biting her at the moment,” said Wheeler.

Schwandt says she has minor injuries a few scrapes on her hands and body. But now is demanding justice for her dog Charlie, and asks the other dogs be put down.

The Saginaw County and St. Charles police responded to the call.

The Police Chief in Chesaning Rebecca Short says she followed up the next morning to check on the investigation.

“I followed up Friday morning with the victim and the dog owner on we did everything on our end. And now, everything has been turned over to the Saginaw County Animal Control, and they’re handling it from here,” said Chief Rebecca Short.

ABC 12 reached out to the Saginaw County Animal Control they are still investigating the situation as of Monday.

We also reached out to the owner of the pit bulls they did not wish to comment.

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