More families in Flint’s Mott Park Neighborhood complain about repeated gunfire

Mother of three says police only responded to one of three shooting incidents this year
Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 6:14 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - After two shootings in broad daylight, more residents of Flint’s Mott Park Neighborhood are raising concerns about a house that appears to be a center of violence.

We first shared video earlier this month from a home’s doorbell camera on the other side of the neighborhood. A man who lives near Marquette Street in Flint’s Mott Park neighborhood showed us the drive-by shootings happening in his front yard. The father of three reached out to ABC12 scared after the repeated gun violence and a lack of police response.

A mother of three children on the other side of the neighborhood is raising concerns about similar issues plaguing another house near her after the two daytime shootings.

“There was at least two different sounds of gunfire. And it was extremely close. Didn’t exactly know where, but just started screaming for kids to get in the house and then get down on the ground,” said Tara, who lives near Dickinson Road in Mott Park.

She and her neighbors called 911 after hearing the gunfire around 6 p.m. Sunday, but she never saw any Flint police officers investigate. Around 11:45 a.m. Monday, Tara said it happened again -- about 30 gunshots fired this time as she was putting her child in a car seat.

“We’re being held hostage in our house, my kids and I,” she said. “And even with that, bullets can still fly through doors and walls, so I don’t feel like we are safe here at all.”

Flint police came to investigate the gunfire on Monday. Two officers blocked off Dickinson Road while they hand-picked shell casings off the street and out of yards. It appears some bullets might have hit a car and a neighbor says one hit their house.

Flint Police Chief Terrence Green isn’t saying much about the two shooting incidents, but he confirmed “there’s an active investigation pertaining to the shootings that have occurred in that area.”

Tara was shocked to see police on the scene Monday after no one responded a day earlier. She said a different shooting happened in her front yard two months ago, she called 911 and again no officers showed up.

“It’s sad. It’s scary. And we have to take out the garbage, and I don’t even want my kids doing that and they’re upset about it,” Tara said. “You know, we can’t even go on the porch, we can’t go in the front yard we can’t go in the driveway. No.”

Tara, like that other neighbor, who spoke up earlier this month, said she just moved to the neighborhood last fall. Both families had heard this was a nice Flint neighborhood.

Tara is hopeful the house believed to be connected to the violence will be taken care of soon. Even after that, she wants to see an officer patrolling the neighborhood. Because Kettering University is so close, she even reached out to them for help.

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