Flint police raid Mott Park home, after multiple drive-by shootings and complaints

The Chief says his Department has heard neighbors’ complaints, but needed to take action legally.
Published: Mar. 26, 2021 at 5:48 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (3/26/2021) - Flint Police’s Special Investigative Unit in action again this week, raiding a home on Dickinson Road.

It’s located in the City’s Mott Park neighborhood. People there have been reaching out to ABC12 for weeks, terrified by what they call ongoing violence, saying it’s like “living in a war zone.”

One man captured a drive-by shooting on his Ring security camera last month. Another woman said gunshots were going off Monday, as she was putting her child in a car seat.

Neighbors felt like police weren’t listening to their concerns, with this problem lasting for about two months.

After Wednesday night’s raid they’re grateful, but still too afraid to show their faces when they speak up, worried about their safety.

One homeowner, who lives down the street from the gunfire, reached out, asking to say ‘thank you.’

“Sleeping has been difficult, especially recently,” the man said. “You know, it’s, it’s awful tense, living in that situation and it’s been pretty unpleasant.”

He lives just up the street from the so-called problem house on Dickinson Street .

Flint’s Police Chief said the people who live there are connected to at least six shootings in the Mott Park neighborhood in the last nearly two months.

“It’s long-gun fire. It’s an AK-47 type weapon, you know 15-20 shots. There’s returned fire, you know of more, over and over again. You have to hit the ground all the time,” he explained.

Hitting the ground in his own home -- what’s supposed to be his safe place.

The man said he had to after seeing some bullets hitting his neighbor’s homes.

“It’s happened again and again. In fact I’ve injured myself,” he shared. “It was a pre-existing back injury that was aggravated pretty severely by hitting the ground.”

Over and over again, at any and all hours of the day. It’s not the way anyone should live.

Which is why the man said he’s called police several times for help and so have his neighbors.

He said police have shown up but never taken care of the problem, until Wednesday.

Around 6:30 p.m, Flint Police’s Special Investigative Unit arrived at his street --several patrol cars deep -- to raid 725 Dickinson.

No one was home. Chief Terence Green said his officers didn’t make any arrests that night but they seized several pieces of evidence.

ABC12′s cameras caught Flint Police towing away the many cars in the driveway, too.

That effort finally made this man feel comfortable to speak up.

“I’d like to thank the mayor, police chief and all of the police officers of Flint, you know, better late than never,” he added.

“Better late than never” is a thought shared by so many in the Mott Park neighborhood.

They are asking what took so long?

Chief Green explained his officers have to follow the law. He confirmed to ABC12 the Department has been listening and paying attention to these neighbors’ calls after the first shooting took place in their neighborhood.

Neighbors told ABC12 they’re grateful, but can’t fully exhale that sigh of relief because people are still coming and going from that home.

“It’s relief with a, with a grain of salt,” a neighbor said. “You know, you’re glad that at the moment things are safe, or seemingly safe. But, you know, you don’t know what the next day or the next week will bring.”

Chief Green said his officers arrested two people connected to the home earlier this week, but not the night they executed the search warrant. That’s confusing neighbors who are still watching people show up to the home at all hours of the night.

“They’ve got to catch these guys because they’re going to wreck wherever they go,” the man said.

It’s the same situation at the house on Tebo Street where the Special Investigative Unit seized several illegal items the first week of March.

Police took several people into custody that night, but no charges were issued.

The Chief said charges need to be brought all at once and that can only happen after they receive lab results on the drugs.

“Just trust in us that we’re going to do our job. We’re not gonna make any excuses. We want these individuals, these bad actors off the streets. We want them in jail for a long time,” Chief Green said. “They’re going to continue to break the law, because they’re crime drivers …. I have very strong confidence that we can arrest them once that arrest warrant is issued.”

Until charges are brought, the Chief is asking neighbors to continue to call in complaints. Because he said, the next step is padlocking that house for being a nuisance.

“Rightfully so they’re worried. If I lived next, next to that home, I would be terrified, especially with children and being innocent bystanders. But what they have to realize -- and I know it’s, easier said than done -- the City of Flint Police Department, we’re going to do our job.”

Chief Green also explained the shootings directed at the Dickinson Road house have been retaliation. He wouldn’t provide any details beyond that.

His Department is still looking for those shooters. The Chief is asking if you have any information to call police or Crime Stoppers.

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