Shiawassee community honored for outpouring of support after fire

Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 11:33 PM EDT
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OWOSSO, Mich. (WJRT) -

The Shiawassee Community came together after a serious fire late last week.

Thursday night when the former Jumbo’s Burger Bar in Downtown Owosso caught fire. Crews worked for more than 12 hours trying to put and keep the fire out, but they weren’t the only ones who pitched in.

On Monday, the city is thanking those who stepped up to help the firefighters deal with the emergency.

We feel an overwhelming need to say thank you to our partners and community for their tremendous outpouring of support...

Posted by City of Owosso Government on Monday, April 5, 2021

Some of them being two women who bought food for those fire crews with their own money.

Owosso residents Nicole Miller and Heather Scollon came to the Owosso Fire Department’s rescue after they saw the former Jumbo’s Burger Bar went up in flames.

“Nicole, she just called me and was like I want to donate to, you know the firefighters. And would you like to come with me,” Heather said.

“I called the police station and they asked them if there was a meal plan in place and I pretty much if they brought a lunch was kind of the answer. I just, I called Meijer because they were going to close soon and explain to them that I was just the resident and I was coming to get food for the firefighters,” added Nicole.

Heather and Nicole spent over $100 buying cases of water, loaves of bread, deli meat and more.

“Just quick, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese I mean, that was just something to eat when they get done,” Nicole said.

The best friend duo said they didn’t do it for the recognition they just wanted to help out the community and were surprised to hear that the city wanted to honor them.

“The city actually contacted us personally and invited us to the city council meeting tonight and… gave us a key to the city which was really surprising,” Nicole Said.

The girls say they didn’t expect much of the contribution they made they say it just feels good to give back.

“You never know how much a small act of kindness, really, you know, impact somebody or how much it really helped them,” Heather said.

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