Buena Vista Township hopes to transform former high school into a farmers’ market

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 11:44 PM EDT
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After sitting empty for over 7 years a former Saginaw County High School building is getting ready to be brought back to life.

Buena Vista Township Superintendent Torrie McAfee says the township is hoping they can turn the site into a place that will benefit the entire community.

“It can be like the central hub for the community is what I am looking to do,” McAfee said.

The Township purchased the Buena Vista High School building from Saginaw Public Schools last year. Throughout the pandemic the building continued to sit vacant.

McAFee says she has been doing research in the meantime to find out what they can do with the former school.

“The building is in pretty good shape since it’s been sitting there vacant. And so the plan is to, again, turn it into a farmers market.”

McAFee says there is over 30 thousand square feet to work with and that there is a lot of potential.

Some residents say they are on board with the idea of it becoming a farmer’s market and business incubator,

“It will contribute a lot to the community around here and can definitely bring in a lot of more resources that we might not have or that we’re on a shortage of having,” said Saginaw County resident.

However, some feel it should stay a school.

“[Since] all the schools [have] been closed it’s like [they’re] corralling all the kids in one spot, and I feel it’s not fair because now it’s like harder for the kids to learn like one on one with the teachers. So, them turning that into a farmers market, I don’t feel that’s fair for the children,” Shomiona Johnson said.

The Township says the building cannot go back to being a school after the agreement they made with Saginaw Public Schools when they purchased the building.

However, they are open to hearing what the community wants the building to become.

“We really want the input from the community because again it belongs to all of us,” McAfee said.

The Township is hopeful they can start renovations in June or July.

The Buena Vista Township is holding a meeting on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Buena Vista Community Center for volunteers to help plan the future of the building.

For more details head to the Township’s website, HERE.

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