Numerous Saginaw County school districts seek green light from voters Tuesday

Published: Apr. 30, 2021 at 10:13 PM EDT
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SAGINAW CO., Mich. (WJRT) (4/30/2021)--That next trip to the ballot box is now only days away. Come Tuesday, voters in three different Saginaw County communities will see proposals from their local school districts.

Freeland, Merrill and Birch Run Schools are all asking voters to foot the bill for repairs and improvements they said were needed badly.

“This is an investment in our students and in our school district in Freeland and I’m hoping the parents and community members see the value.”

Freeland Community Schools is asking voters to green light a sinking fund millage Tuesday, money it called critical in plotting out the district’s future.

“We try to provide the best environment for our students to learn. What we want to do is make sure we’re keeping things in good repair.”

Superintendent Matt Cairy. The proposal calls for a 2 mil levy over eight years, pushing just shy of $900-thousand into the district’s annual balance books. Funding it would use to restore and maintain its aging stable of buildings, parking lots, systems, miscellaneous repairs and technology costs.

Birch Run Area Schools, meanwhile, seeks a five year renewal, which accounts for a sizable chunk of its operating budget. The requested 18 mills would come from a non-homestead tax applied to second homes and businesses. The amount represents more than 12-percent of the district’s annual general fund budget.

“We have new buses on the docket to purchase… We have a really nice welding shop already, but we want to keep that updated. We’d like to update our woodshop as well… we really want to make sure we’re pushing those forward as well and our science labs.”

That was Gwen Glazier, superintendent of Merrill Community Schools, optimistic Friday the ballot box would make that happen, delivering the district a $5.2-million cash infusion over the next 12 years. Drawing an average of 2 and a quarter mills annually, the average monthly price tag, Glazier said, would clock in around the cost of a cup of coffee.

“Our families here at Merrill are very supportive…. We listened to what they wanted… honed in on the things that are important,” Glazier related.

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