Saginaw police chief urges families to tell those they love to put the guns down

Chief Bob Ruth asks community to stand with police and end the violence
Saginaw Police Chief urges families to tell those they love to put the guns down
Saginaw Police Chief urges families to tell those they love to put the guns down
Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 3:15 PM EDT
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SAGINAW, Mich. (WJRT) - The city of Saginaw is seeing a spike in gun violence, and the police department is asking the community to help.

On Wednesday, the department issued a press release urging everyone to talk to their friends and family members about the consequences of pulling the trigger and blow the whistle to stop it.

“We are again asking our community to stand with us — to put the guns down and end the violence,” said Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth. “We ask each of you, if you know something say something. Working together with the community, we can help stop the tragic loss of life in our city. We will continue to direct resources to areas most impacted by violence and trauma to deter further violence. However, we need families to implore those they love to put the guns away and realize that there are consequences for their actions. Live’s are ruined including their own:”

Detective Sergeant Matthew Gerow said, “We are all aware of what a pandemic is and Gun violence in Saginaw is a pandemic like disease that is effecting more than just the victims that are shot. Gun violence effects everyone in our community. Please don’t solve your issues with guns”.

Saginaw Mayor Brenda Moore, Mayor Pro-Tem Michael Balls and the Saginaw City Council were also mentioned in the press release, the department saying they are all working together -- begging the community to put the guns down.

The message comes as police in Saginaw are investigating the latest shooting that injured a 14-year-old.

Michigan State Police say the victim was on the city’s west side walking past a store on Cooper Avenue around 6 p.m. Tuesday when he was shot. He was rushed to an area hospital for treatment of a single gunshot wound to his back.

Police say the boy is expected to survive his injuries.

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