MDOT considering major changes for M-21 corridor in Flint

Updated: May. 17, 2021 at 7:18 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Another road project could soon be in the works for downtown Flint, but the Michigan Department of Transportation is looking for public input before making any major changes.

The M-21 corridor is currently undergoing a study as MDOT determines the future of the road. M-21 includes stretches of Corunna Road and Court Street west of I-475.

M-21 through downtown Flint is complex section of road, feeding traffic through one of the busiest areas of town. MDOT planner Jay Reithel said the current study will look at ways to improve the road and possibly reconfigure the flow of traffic.

“We knew traffic volumes weren’t what they had been,” he said. “They peaked in the early ‘70s, when it was designated, and this is an opportunity before we go in and we can look at feasibility. Is there something bigger we can do?”

Right now, M-21 splits into two one-way roads at Court and 5th streets meeting at the ramps to I-475. Reithel said that makes planning more complicated, which is why this comprehensive study is so critical.

“If we modify one piece, it could have an impact on another part of that network, which is why we want to be very diligent on what traffic assessment and data collection and make sure we don’t have an adverse effect on the roads,” he said.

While MDOT assesses the area and traffic volumes, they’re looking to the public to provide insight and ideas on how drivers think the area could be improved. Click here for the form to submit feedback on MDOT’s plans for M-21.

Funding has not yet been secured for any work on M-21, but MDOT plans to create reconstruction plans and secure funding after the study is complete.

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