Frankenmuth school board backs football coach after hazing investigation

Updated: Jun. 14, 2021 at 11:58 PM EDT
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Frankenmuth school board president stands behind his high school football coach at the school board meeting on Monday night.

It’s the first meeting since a state police investigation found no criminal activity, involving an alleged hazing incident with the varsity team.

“I don’t think you get better than Mr. Phil Martin and this board all seven of us stand behind him lock step.. He has the utmost integrity. He is probably the single best thing to happen to this district.”

District board president Brandon Muller says he’s saddened by the claims of coach Phil Martin.

“I think it’s despicable that he’s getting grief from fake social media accounts and from people that are spreading false claims about him in the public. I think that it’s sad and he doesn’t deserve that,” said Muller.

One anonymous Frankenmuth graduate who spoke with ABC12 last month says he’s still disturbed by a postgame ritual for the football team he says involved an adult toy.

“This toy was used in a hazing type way, not really as a celebratory, maybe from some of the captains or the seniors on the team. But they would force juniors or other members of the team to participate,” he said.

After investigation the Michigan state police found there was no criminal activity.

During Monday’s meeting parent Jennifer Wilson asked the district to take responsibility to help create a safe environment for the students.

“I think it’s time that this school board holds the administrators and others in this district responsible for the safety of all students,” she said.

Another parent who has a son on the football team also came forward, but in support of the school district.

“What was being said and what actually occurred was, it was heinous the things that were being said.. Just foul,” said Stephen Carter.

“The naysayers just kept coming out of the woodwork and more and more false information was being perpetuated and so I just had to come in and speak to the school district and support the school district, support the coach [and] support the administration.”

Muller says the district isn’t allowed to discuss the disciplinary actions of students to anyone.

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