CDC investigating whether 13-year-old Saginaw boy’s death was linked to COVID-19 vaccine

Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 3:03 PM EDT
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SAGINAW, Mich. (WJRT) - Federal health officials are investigating whether a COVID-19 vaccine caused a 13-year-old Saginaw boy’s death last week.

The boy died on June 17, which was three days after he received the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Saginaw County Health Department.

The health department did not specify whether the boy received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and whether he had any underlying health conditions.

The a local medical examiner has reviewed the boy’s death. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Service also received notification of the death due to the proximity to receiving a dose of vaccine.

The state health department filed notification with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The CDC now is investigating whether the boy’s death was caused directly by the vaccine.

The Saginaw County Health Department continues encouraging families to speak with their physician about the risks and benefits of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

A Flint Township pediatrician cautioned that it’s way too soon to draw conclusions about the boy’s death because many of the facts remain unknown. Dr. Faisal Mawri said the situation should not in any way deter people, especially young adults, from getting vaccinated.

He said a death caused by a vaccine -- if CDC investigators confirm the link -- would be an incredibly rare incident and there simply is no data out there that indicates any link between death and the COVID-19 vaccines.

Mawri strongly supports people to continue getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and other diseases.

”Immunizations are safe and effective and people should continue to get their COVID-19 vaccines,” he said. “It has proven to be extremely effective, and this is one of the most aggressive safety measures that has been done since we’ve established immunizations.”

The Saginaw County Health Department doesn’t expect many answers about the boy’s death from the CDC for a while.

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