MIOSHA issues new workplace safety guidelines as restrictions loosen

Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 11:28 PM EDT
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Even though most of the state’s COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, many businesses are now facing a new set of rules.

This time coming from the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration or MIOSHA.

The States COVID workplace safety director Sean Egan says MIOSHA emergency rules are now in line with the Federal OSHA’s emergency temporary standard.

“What this really does is [it] focuses in on high and very high risk environments in health care settings so we’ll have rules in place, specific to healthcare and other high risk settings,” he said.

The state is also encouraging non-health care settings to use their best judgment on whether or not to implement daily health screenings, face coverings and social distance requirements.

The team of five at Superior Travel Service Inc. Isn’t keeping all COVID-19 restrictions in place to work in-person and is even offering some flexibility.

“You know when you work with people too, I mean you have that camaraderie. So, you know, that’s, that’s something that’s kind of lacking… When you’re just sitting at home, you can do a zoom meeting, but zoom meetings are just not quite the same,” said Ingrid Ream, President of Superior Travel Service Inc.

Ream says since the pandemic one of the things that has changed is walk-in appointments.

“I think, from COVID that it’s a much better way for us anyways to manage our business.”

Even though they were shut down for three months during the pandemic the Refinery Hair Co. In downtown Flint says they’ll continue with their current protocols for now, but remain optimistic things will go back to normal soon.

“We will continue practicing, you know, proper sanitation, you know making sure our guests and our staff are feeling safe and comfortable… So our hope is that things will continue to head in the right direction,” said Dan Buccilli, owner of Refinery Hair Co.

The announcement for the New MIOSHA emergency rules are scheduled to remain in place until December 22nd.

To see the full list of rules, click on the link, HERE.

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