Tree crews busy cleaning up in southern Genesee County a day after severe storms

Published: Jun. 30, 2021 at 6:20 PM EDT
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GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) - Cleanup efforts are under way across southern Genesee County following Tuesday’s fast and furious line of severe thunderstorms.

Those storms knocked out power to over 10,000 Consumers Energy customers in the county and caused widespread tree damage in the Argentine, Fenton, Grand Blanc and Holly areas. The utility restored power to all but about 600 customers by Wednesday evening.

Lots of generators still were running Wednesday, along with chainsaws. That means business for tree removal companies.

A crew with Maki Tree Service of Davison was working to clear a downed tree and limbs at a home in Grand Blanc Township. It’s a pretty familiar sight all across southern Genesee County today.

“It was a pretty good straight line wind that came through here in Grand Blanc. A lot of damage,” said Mark Maki.

He has about a half dozen jobs lined up for his workers that will take him right into the weekend. Removing trees and limbs and grinding stumps is no problem for him, but locations can complicate the job.

“Sometimes its easy access. I’ve got long loaders, the big chippers and stuff, but this is just time consuming because it’s got to be cut to size to go from point A to point B,” Maki said.

He was working on removing Don Wascha’s tree that fell during Tuesday’s storms.

“This one, I just hated to see go,” he said. “They told me that three or four years ago when they trimmed it, that I ought to think about cutting it down.”

Inside the tree reveals a lot of rotting at the crotch. Tuesday’s strong winds only sped up the 35-year-old maple’s demise. Maki’s Tree Service plans to remove the downed tree on Thursday.

But Wascha found a touch of humor as he said his final goodbyes.

“I told him I appreciated him coming, because I told my grandkids that I was going to have him lay the tree down so it would be easier for them to climb,” he said.

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