Flint neighbors say squatters are cooking meth on blighted property

The property is full of rodents and bugs, which are making their way to neighbors’ residences
Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 6:06 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Nearby homeowners are upset and frustrated about a blighted property on Flint’s east side, where they say squatters are cooking methamphetamine.

Neighbors say the squatters have turned the property on Beechwood Avenue into their own personal dumping ground and a little green shed into a home.

Wanda Drinkwine, who lives right next door, said she’s tried calling the city’s Blight Department and the Mayor’s Office multiple times with no luck -- and she’s tired of it.

“I hear arguing, cussing, they’re scaring the neighbor’s kids at night because they’re out here,” she said. “The couple is out here squatting and arguing and fighting with each other.”

Drinkwine said she and her son both have seen the couple making meth and called police. On Wednesday night, there was a small camper sitting on the street and it was reduced to charred ruins Thursday morning.

This just adds to the existing garbage dump this property has turned into. Rusted propane tanks, car parts, storage containers, soiled diapers, clothing and other junk are strewn all over the property.

“Now I have to live with this -- the bugs, the rats and mice and everything coming into my house,” Drinkwine said. “And I’m tired of trying to get somebody off their buns to try and do something about it.”

She said different government agencies from the city to the governor’s office pass her around to other agencies.

“The city police passes it to the state. State passes it back to the city. City says nothing we can do it’s private property,” Drinkwine said. “Come to find out, the lady that owned it said this right here does belong to the city.”

Flint city officials did not return messages seeking comment about the mess on Thursday. The Flint Property Portal lists an owner for the address, but ABC12 News was not able to track down that person.

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