Now hiring: Flint Police Department makes progress filling 20 jobs

Flint’s new police chief has hired 12 new officers since taking over in September, but retirements are adding to the department’s staff loss.
Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 5:48 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (7/26/2021) - “This is a very busy city to work in especially during these times, but it’s very exciting. It’s very rewarding,” said Flint Police Chief Terence Green.

That’s his pitch to anyone considering becoming a police officer in Flint.

It’s no secret the department has dealt with staffing issues for years.

As reported on ABC12 on Friday, the City declared a State of Emergency due to gun violence.

Part of that declaration frees up money to give incentives to officers doing the hard work.

Right now, they’re taking on this emergency while under-staffed.

Chief Green shared there are still a number of unfilled positions at the Flint Police Department.

But he wanted to make it clear that his current staff isn’t making any excuses or complaining about overtime.

It’s important to note that he has been chipping away at filling the roster since he took the position last September. And, the new team members aren’t all new to policing.

“Everything I’ve done here is what the officers are requesting in order to keep building morale; you know, when they hear we’re pursuing a helicopter, morale is high,” the Chief explained.

He said his focus on the officers is not only keeping them with the department, it’s encouraging others to join their force.

When Green took on the job 10 months ago, Flint Police had 25 vacant positions.

He said he’s hired 12 officers so far. But with retirements, he lost 7 more employees. That leaves 20 officer positions open.

“That are 100% funded by our budget, this fiscal year’s budget, they’re funded. We have retirements coming up, so those positions are funded,” Green explained.

So the Chief said he’s focused on filling those jobs before securing any other funding to add more to his staff.

He’s guaranteed 7 more after the Police Academy this September too. That will bring the total open positions to just 13 in a few months. But, Chief Green said that’s not the only way they’re filling those spots.

“We’ve also had seven certified officers that have already been to the Academy, leave other departments and come join the City of Flint Department. And that’s a lot and that’s unprecedented,” he explained.

Chief Green added that besides the resources coming in, it’s the opportunities and experience his Department offers that’s bringing people over from area police departments.

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