Five properties in Flint recently test above federal action level limits for lead, copper

Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 5:52 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Five properties in the city of Flint recently tested well above the federal action level for lead and copper levels in water.

Those properties include two homes, two businesses and a church.

While nearly all of the city’s home water lines have been replaced, many businesses have not.

Lead and copper levels in the city’s water system have dropped considerably and have stayed consistently below their federal action levels in recent years.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the city’s 81,000 residents trust or will trust the water anytime soon.

And it also doesn’t mean the problem has been eradicated.

“Anywhere that there is lead lines, this can be happening in any city and any location,” said Michael Brown, City of Flint Director of Public Works.

In these specific instances of high levels of lead and copper, Brown says non-water use is likely a contributing factor.

A church along Chevrolet Avenue recently tested just shy of 3,500 ppb for lead and 5,250 ppb for copper.

“The church, I think for months has not been used and haven’t been having services there because of COVID. I think both of the business ones are limited use so they don’t have people in them everyday,” Brown said.

Any time a home or business tests above the federal action level of 15 ppb for lead or 1,300 ppb for copper -- property owners are informed of their results and ways to reduce any potential exposure. Often times -- it’s as simple as letting the water run for a few minutes before doing anything.

“We find that if there’s flushing going on, that the water is being used -- we don’t see the problem with the lead,” he said.

Additional testing will help confirm that -- and those tests are available at city hall.

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